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One thing has always puzzled us: many people visit us on the off chance when passing by and ask if we would consider servicing their Porsche; “of course”, we reply.  Apparently, lots of people seem to think that we wouldn’t be interested in carrying out routine maintenance purely because of the eclectic array of exotic machines and projects we are always working on.

So, please do not hesitate to bring your pride and joy for a pampering here at Fearnsport whatever the requirement.

[su_accordion class=””] [su_spoiler title=”SERVICING” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Making sure you commit to routine maintenance is key to keeping your car reliable, this is not just so that the engine oil and spark plugs are replaced but at the same time we have a chance to fully check the car over and highlight any work that will soon be required but most importantly identify issues before they happen. At Fearnsport we are serious about servicing.

Another feature to our servicing programme, should it be requested, is carrying out pre-MOT checks and then having the car tested to save you both time and worry whilst the car is with us. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”ENGINE” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Our in-house engine builds offer customers many options, from standard rebuilds through to capacity increases. These can be achieved in two forms: larger cylinder bore and increased stroke of the crankshaft. Both will increase the power, but most important to us, also increasing the torque that your engine produces. Custom fuel systems, turbo installations, camshaft changes and so much more but all done with two key goals in mind: reliability & longevity! The possibilities are endless, and we are happy to have your thoughts on preference whatever the budget.

Another fond favourite of ours and many of our customers is engine detailing; it is largely a procedure carried out to air cooled engines. We strip all parts from the engine bar taking apart the internals, blast all removed parts and have them re-plated and painted to exceed the finish when the engine was new. Of course, this is standard on all builds but for those engines that just need tidying, what a lovely treat to compliment the engine bay.

“Coolant Line Failure”. Since Porsche saw fit not to spend money on designing the otherwise peerless Mezger engines so that they wouldn’t throw coolant everywhere, this seems to be an ever-increasing problem for many people. Owning a GT2, GT3 or Turbo, it must be frustrating to know that at some point you are going to be stranded and fall victim to a worldwide known problem. Here at Fearnsport we have exactly what you need: “NO”, we do not pin the glued lines like they do across the water, that isn’t a fix because if the glue does fail (which is what will happen eventually) it will still leak. Better still, we machine new fittings, pull out the old ones, remove, dress and prepare all castings and then TIG weld all pipes in place. Job done forever! It isn’t cheap but nor is the wasted track day, holiday and even the potential to cause accidents with your coolant on the tarmac! Food for thought no doubt![/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”TRANSMISSION & DIFFERENTIAL” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Most of the work carried out to transmissions in-house is to the differential. Well driven/used cars will no doubt need to have the internal friction discs replaced at some point or as the chassis becomes better (through our work), they will need a more suitable upgrade due the cars mechanical grip increasing. We offer three types of friction disc replacement, two of these are Factory items albeit from Porsche & Porsche Motorsport and one from another well-known supplier of transmission parts. Lastly, we have our own purpose made but very simple upgrade to make the standard limited slip work much better. The installation of limited slip differentials is also another service we offer for those cars that have the standard open version (non-limited slip such as that found in the 964/993 Carrera).

Transmission repairs, rebuilds and upgrades are also very much undertaken in house and for those times where we are just too stacked out with engines in the stand, we have an excellent specialist that works alongside us. We are also happy to recommend them to you should we be at full capacity .[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”SUSPENSION & SET-UP” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]The most vital part of your car’s characteristic. Road and track work demand the very best from the suspension and the-way in which your car is set-up (geometry). Keeping the tyre in contact with the road as much as possible is the aim whilst keeping the chassis stable and compliant to changes in the road /track surface. There are many different types of suspension on the market, but we only use just a few. Obviously, this will largely depend on your use or intentions with the car and the available budget. The range of suspension types are typically, one-way, two-way and three-way (adjustable ride height platforms are not considered as one of these as they set the height and not how the suspension behaves).

One-way adjustment is literally as it sounds, turning the adjuster from + (stiffer) to – (softer) will offer a balance between a firmer ride (+) suited to fast road and track and then a slightly “lazier” setting (-) to give you some comfort back on the road. Technology has of course made single adjustment suspension more elaborate by adjusting both the rebound and bump (compression) in a single click.

Two-way adjustment is a step on from single, this type allows change in rebound and bump to be done independently. Rebound is how fast/slow the damper returns to full length after being compressed. Bump settings will adjust how the car absorbs impacts such as heavy bumps in the road/track and riding kerbs on track to stop the car leaping off them.

Three-way adjustment is pretty much everything you will ever need to try to combat the chassis misbehaving. Just like the Two-way it has separate rebound and bump adjustment only this time it has rebound, high speed bump & low speed bump. Rebound performs exactly as described above. Low speed bump is the setting that controls small bumps, slow compression to the shock absorber and importantly how well the chassis can change direction/transfer its weight when turning. High speed bump controls fast compression, heavier impacts and again things like riding kerbs.

In-house at Fearnsport, we have excellent chassis set-up equipment specifically designed for Porsche. Both five stud and centre lock factory Porsche tooling (which we have never actually seen being used in dealerships!) is used along with a laser levelled floor (set every time we do a car), Beissbarth alignment equipment and electronic corner-weighting scales to ensure pin point accuracy. Our equipment will also fit other vehicles should the request be made. Please enquire with any questions you may have regarding set-up or suspension related purchases.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”BRAKES” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Over the years we have used many different manufacturers of brakes and as new products come on to the market we look closely at the quality and benefits of changing to them. The combination that exceeds others would have to be the newly designed (from the ground up) brake disc set up from Über9s along with a brake pad set known as Pagid RS29/RSL (Pagid Yellow). Bespoke disc and bell assemblies are also another feature of our services, we can create a brake package to suit all applications along with calliper height and offset changes.

The sister company to Fearnsport is Über9s. Stocking a wide range of Pagid Brake pads for GT Models and Turbo along with the exceptional brake disc package from Über9s for Porsche, Über9s certainly has you covered when it comes to stopping! We encourage purchases to be made through Uber9s but Fearnsport are happy to cover supply and sale on the customers behalf especially when your car is in with us. Please visit Über9s to buy the best!

Brake Fluid, standard or good stuff? Like many options regrading the set up of your car it is important to use a brake fluid that matches not only the cars usage but also the brake disc and pad type installed. If you do not use the car on track and run a standard set up we would strongly advise that you use standard specified fluid. The main reason for this is so that you do not overwork a standard pad with a fluid that is more capable of coping with high temperatures.

Standard fluid allows you to identify when the brakes are hot by the pedal going slightly softer/longer which is also an indication that the standard brake set up is at the limit of what it can cope with. Racing fluid will mask this and prolonged use may see some form of pad failure. If you are using a performance/racing style brake disc assembly and pad set up then of course racing brake fluid is what you need. These will both compliment each other and allow continued/sustained hard use on track and road. Regular bleeding and refreshing of the fluid is important to keep optimum performance. Please notify and contact us for any further information or which fluid should be used when you have your car in with us for brake related servicing.

Brake lines, master cylinders and many components are fitted, supplied and made in house. We only use one supplier for all hoses throughout the car which not only do we feel are the best, they are the best! [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”WHEELS TYRES & ACCESORIES” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]We can supply many different makes and types of wheels. Along with this, once your car has been fully set up, ride heights done etc we can then space the wheel so that you have the best track to the car and the best look. Only hubcentric options are available from us to keep the wheel rotation central, without these you will have vibration and risk the wheel loosening. Longer stud and bolts are available from us. Tyre choice is also important when considering what you will use the car for. Lots of types are available and we will be only too happy to discuss and recommend which choices should be made.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”PRE PURCHASE INSPECTION (PPI)” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Have you ever found the perfect car, agreed a price and then bought it only to find you have inherited a catalogue of expensive problems and headaches?

We have witnessed this first-hand so many times and it is never a pleasant time for both Fearnsport and the customer. We feel terrible having to point out all the missed issues and relay our findings to the customer when all of this could have so easily been avoided. Even the most experienced enthusiast can be caught out, we have seen it happen so beware! When the time comes to have your Porsche worked on you are likely to take it to a specialist, so why not use the same method when it comes to your next purchase?

Here at Fearnsport we can give the car that has caught your eye the works! Let us take the hassle and worry away for you. There are two ways of doing this.

The best by far, is to arrange with the seller to have the car brought to us in house at Silverstone. The other is to arrange for us to travel and carry out the inspection at the seller’s venue.

Either option will give you comprehensive information about the car and the condition, but having the car delivered to us gives us the opportunity to explore further and deeper including the all-important engine health checks. Full diagnostic read out, mileage calculations and the dreaded “OVER REV” readings are all part of the service along with paint depth measuring.

Find a car, call us………. What could be easier? [/su_spoiler]


Many thanks for reading through our services. Please give us a call for anything and everything regarding your wonderful car.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP!