About us

Established in 2007, Fearnsport offers a wealth of experience in the maintenance and development of high powered road and racing Porsches. Current Owner Matt Counsell has been with the company from the beginning and gave Fearnsport the ability to take on a much broader variety of work from his background in the automotive industry.

Matt originally started his career in a bodyshop and was fortunate enough to have "one to one" training developing a high skill level in panel and paint work, resulting in an excellent eye for detail. Responsible for the appearence of many Sports, Race and Rally cars from well known manufacturers it was only a matter of time before he became involved with the running, maintaining, building & restoring road and racing cars. Gaining vast knowledge in all areas we are able to offer you a level of service which extends from minor servicing all the way through to full engine, drivetrain and chassis builds on the worlds best sports cars - Porsche!

Here at Fearnsport all aspects are catered for; engine, chassis, brakes, suspension and extensive fabrication work are all done in house. Moving with the times to keep up to date as new models are born is what keeps Fearnsport driven but also firmly set in the market. We specialise in mostly RS, GT-Series and Turbo models although we are more than enthusiastic about looking after and servicing any Porsche.

Our up to date facility boasts the latest in diagnostic and chassis tuning equipment to make sure your car is running at its very best. Working in close relationship with the local Porsche Dealer, we have fast access to geniune parts and can arrange warranty work should your car need it.

The running of Porsche race cars is also very much a part of the business and can usually be seen on track days, test days and race weekends frequently throughout the year. If you have a Porsche race car, we can prepare and develop it, before providing expert and efficient support at race meetings. We also offer trackday support and are able to provide tuition from the very best drivers.

Where to find us

Fearnsport is based at Silverstone, Home of British Motorsport. We chose the location for two reasons: Firstly, specialist suppliers and experienced personnel are always close to hand. And secondly, we understand that Silverstone is a very popular venue for track days so we are at hand should anybody run into difficulties or simply need to inflate their tires for the drive home after track use. Whatever the reason, if you are ever close by and want to drop in to have a look we are more than happy to show you around and put the kettle on.

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